The Impact of PPKM that Occurs

The Impact of PPKM that Occurs – PPKM makes many people feel bored because they do not have easy access to out of town. Especially when PPKM is extended by the government

In the media, it may be familiar news about small traders or home-scale business actors who were forced to stop their business due to this restriction. Traders who hang out in front of the shophouse every afternoon must be willing to close the shop early even though they have not received much income.

The Impact of PPKM that Occurs

Help for the little ones

Personally, I have no problem with PPKM as long as the government provides support in the form of funds or logistics needed by the community. How is it possible for people to survive if economic activities are limited or completely eliminated?
They are not lazy or against the rules, but expect help if the main activity of earning a living must be abolished. Even for freelancers like me, the impact is quite pronounced. Offline coverage events are canceled which means lost revenue.
If there is a job writing on the blog, the payment will experience a significant setback. In the past, the honorarium could be disbursed for a maximum of 2 weeks, but now I only receive the fee for up to 3 months from the completion of the work. However, I am still grateful, because I can get a chance of sustenance without having to hold direct interactions like small traders out there.

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Stay grateful during PPKM

Even though the numbers are declining and payments are delayed, we still have to be grateful because there are still splashes of sustenance. In order to survive, we save as much as possible at home by cutting unnecessary posts or reducing posts that have been considered wasteful. In addition, don’t forget to donate to lighten the burden of others through social communities or non-profit organizations.
I fully believe that PPKM has noble aims and objectives, for the good of the people of Indonesia. But of course the policy must be accompanied by adjustments and assistance for the people, not just a compromise for the poor people who do not care about their needs and interests.
We all want opportunities and a conducive working climate, not just looking for help without strings attached. While hoping that the pandemic will end quickly, I hope that the government can balance PPKM with other policies that ease the burden on the people. Not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social perspective, such as children who are suddenly orphaned due to the loss of their parents due to Covid-19.