Second Homecoming Prohibition Has No Impact on the Economy

Second Homecoming Prohibition Has No Impact on the Economy

Second Homecoming Prohibition Has No Impact on the Economy – For people who want to go on a trip, they must think that if going home is prohibited, it will have an impact on the country’s economy because everything from clothes to vehicles is not used.

This second ban on homecoming will not have an impact on the economy. Because, in this year’s Lebaran, the public is quite enthusiastic about online shopping activities. several stimuli including PPnBM for automotive, and PPn for property. In addition, there has been a visible recovery in the consumption sector, so public confidence in spending has also increased.

National economic growth in the second quarter or the April-June 2021 period reached seven percent. He is optimistic that it will achieve the target due to a number of indicators, ranging from the realization of foreign investment (PMA) to the consumer confidence index (IKK) which continues to improve.

PMA realization has also reached 54.6 percent. While the IKK per March 2021 for the community group expenditures below Rp. 5 million reached 90.1, or close to the normal zone of 100.

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Not only that, he continued, the development of exports and imports has also returned to normal, including government spending which has been on a positive path. The increase in commodity prices, such as palm oil, rubber, nickel, copper, and coal, has stimulated economic recovery, which is reflected in the improvement in regional economic conditions during the first quarter of 2021.

Because of this, the economic condition in Sumatra Island is recorded to have approached a positive direction of 0.86 percent and Java Island is at 0.83 percent. Meanwhile, some islands in central and eastern Indonesia have experienced positive economic growth, namely Sulawesi at 1.2 percent and Papua 8.97 percent.